OnePlugin: Media Pro

Animate your sites and add value to your life!

Take your Craft CMS projects to the next level with OnePlugin: Media-Pro. Optimised images, cached icons and animated icons which are of course, editable to match your site! $99 and $49 yearly.

Adding value with

Animation triggers
Media types optimised
Image file formats

Animation station

Low cost high reward with free ongoing content

Animate your projects and add that all important surprise and delight with:

  • 3 Media types in 1 field
  • 0 External dependencies
  • Option to white label the plugin
  • SVG and animated icon content packs are on us

Wild punctuation

A massive range of simple to search content

Find the perfect asset quickly, save on time, frustration and reduce project friction, with:

  • 250+ Animated icons
  • 2500+ editable SVGs
  • 6 basic animations for SVGs
  • No limitations to asset parameters.

Spicy dev chops

With intelligently rendered and managed assets

Create a site that's not only beautiful, but beautifully fast with:

  • Optimisation for all media types
  • Responsively rendered optimised images
  • WEBP enabled
  • JPEG fall backs to support older browsers

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