Picture perfect optimised images

Image optimisation is the standard

by optimizing images, automating file management and responsive asset delivery, page loads are just that much quicker.

Supported by OnePlugin: Media pro & Fields

Image optimisation with a lil' bit extra

Image compression, transformation and URL embedded responsive delivery of images is a Craft CMS standard, but don't feel like that is all you're getting.


Asset management and image optimisation happens in the background, with no interruption to content management


Images are compressed, and rendered to match the size of the device used by your sites user


Increase page rankings, by improving on page load speeds with web optimised images loaded on your Craft CSM site

Modern image and picture formats are ridiculous. They are rich, monitor ready, saving on hosting, improving load times, reducing bounce rates, site availability and most importantly, bringing your sight to life:

Pick as many device sizes as you like, we went with five, it seemed about right:

  1. 1600px = 64kb
  2. 1200px - 35kb
  3. 992px = 23kb
  4. 768px = 14kb
  5. 576px = 9kb

Oh, Don't worry if they running an old browser or a web only device. We've got you covered with fallback Jpeg images ready to go.

Lightweight sites engage visitors and score higher in page rankings

Upload an image via the Craft CMS control panel and OnePlugin will optomise your image library with:

  • File compression;
  • Generation of responsive image files;
  • File management;
  • Local or and
  • File service.

Responsive image files are served to site visitors without calling the database, making your site speeds go through the roof.